Husqvarna WS 460

(965 15 58-01)

The Husqvarna WS 460 is a hydraulic wall saw that has been developed for first-class performance in professional wall sawing. The well-designed saw provides a functional and very efficient working environment.


  • The patented hydraulic gear makes it easy to switch spindle speed without having to stop the blade.
  • The starter blade’s maximum diameter of 39" (cutting depth 17") makes it extremely useful when cutting soft materials such as brick and light concrete. No pre-sawing is required.
  • The swing arm can rotate 360 degrees and the maximum cutting depth is 29".
  • Simple assembly of the fully enclosed blade guard allows easy set-up and is a key safety feature.
  • Sturdy wall brackets and a light, symmetrical track that allows cutting on both sides are available on the 355 track.
  • The blade flange, wall brackets and couplings all have the same size heads so only a socket wrench is needed.
  • Quick connection

    The quick connection makes it easy to attach the saw unit to the carriage. First, you press the saw unit into place on the carriage, and then you attach the unit using the locking device.

  • Radial connection

    The saw has a radial connection on the blade that makes changing the blade extremely easy, particulary when flush cutting.

  • Universal mounting

    The smart and flexible universal mounting is a fairly revolutionary accessory that saves energy and time. Because the mounting pivots when positioned on the wall, it is simple to reposition the track during cutting. The mounting also allows you to easily carry out bevel cutting and stair cutting at a variety of angles.