Husqvarna WS 360

(965 15 57-02)

The WS 360 series is the most utilized and popular wall sawing system in North America. It's dependability and ruggedness make it the most productive wall saw on the market. The WS 360 has proven itself on the jobsite and is considered the industry standard in wall saws.


  • 360° rotating arm
  • Carriages
  • Track mounting
  • 360-degree rotating arm allows the operator to saw at full depth the entire length of the track.
  • Carriages can be mounted at any point on the track, shortening the set-up time.
  • Track can be mounted on uneven or irregular surfaces.
  • Uses through-the-shaft water distribution, whereas the WS 360-35 delivers water through spray tubes located in the blade guard. Both of these systems allow for efficient blade cooling.