Husqvarna KV 03

Our KV 03 cutting cart is designed for convenient and efficient long cuts in asphalt and concrete floors. All our gas-powered cutters (except the K 960 and the K 750) the K 30 / K 40 air-powered cutters and the K 2500 hydraulic cutter can be installed quickly and easily. This means the cutter can be used for a wider range of jobs, making it even more useful and versatile. By utilizing the machine’s anti-vibration system, work with the cutter is practically vibration free. The cutting cart’s water tank holds 4.5 gallons, enough for 15–20 minutes’ operation. The tank is easy to remove for filling. Supplied with hose connector (Gardena system), hose for wet cutting, depth limiter and counterbalance.


  • New muffler
  • Eliminates need for manual decompression valve
  • Easy adjustment increases possible applications
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Wet cutting and easy transportation
  • Adjustable handle

    The handle on the KV 960 and KV 750 adjusts easily, so you can find the ideal working posture, and the wheels are laterally adjustable. Combined with the machine’s reversible cutting arm, this gives the unique option of cutting as close as 20 mm from a wall.

  • Depth limiter

    Efficient control of cutting depth facilitates adjustment and returning to the previous setting.