Husqvarna K 760

(967 18 10-02)

The Husqvarna K 760 has long been a highly popular all-round power cutter among construction workers and landscapers. By improving a number of large and small details, we’ve made the machine even more powerful, efficient, reliable and comfortable.

14 inch, 12/14 "


  • DEX
  • DuraStarter™
  • SmartCarb™
  • Anti-vibration system
  • DEX (Optional)
  • Reversible cutting arm
  • Sealed transmission
  • Fine-tuned ergonomics
  • DEX (Dust Extinguisher System)
  • X-torq®
  • Optimal ergonomics thanks to high power-to-weight ratio, low vibration levels (below 2.5 m /s²) and steplessly adjustable magnesium blade guard.
  • Optimised engine performance and 5 % fuel savings through new efficient cylinder design, digital ignition system and X-Torq engine technology.
  • Easy to start thanks to the digital ignition system, fast idle lock, in choke lever and improved starter grip.
  • The DEX system provides superior dust control and less water and slurry, with a new-designed patent pending water valve allowing for progressive water flow adjustment.
  • Reliable operation and minimal service requirements through Active Air Filtration™ and DuraStarter™.
  • SmartCarb™ and built-in automatic filter compensation maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.
  • Blades with 20 mm and 25.4 mm (1") bore can be fitted thanks to the multi-fit blade bushing.
  • Optimised performance

    The new cylinder increases the cutter’s capacity in several ways. It delivers more efficient combustion, which combined with extra cooling fins reduces exhaust emissions by 15 %. Also, it ensures an optimal running temperature, making the machine less sensitive to variations in climate and fuel.

  • Reduced vibrations

    Reduced vibrations, below 2.5 m /s2, thanks to the new blade guard which means that you can work full days without having to take a break.

  • New Active Air Filtration™

    A unique air filtration system consisting of three separate filters that increase the service life of the engine and reduces downtime and service costs. One of the most efficient systems on the market.

  • X-Torq™

    A unique engine technology that increases power and reduces fuel consumption by up to 20 % and exhaust emissions by up to 75 %. The secret behind this unique engine technology is that it uses dual flushing ducts: one for clean air and one for the fuel and air mixture.


  • Adjustment to openings
  • Asphalt
  • Blocks, curbstones and pavers
  • Burying of cables
  • Cast concrete
  • Deep cutting
  • Floors and walls
  • Grooves
  • Pipes
  • Rails
  • Rescue cutting