Husqvarna K 1260 Rail

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Rail traffic with high-speed trains and welded rails call for efficient, high-precision cutters. Because welded rails are subject to considerable tension as the temperature fluctuates, every cut has to be at a perfect right angle if the rail is to withstand the stresses involved and avoid displacement or failure. The same applies to the isolating joints which separate whole sections of rail for automatic signaling purposes, letting the system know the train’s exactly location. Rail cutting and welding operations must be done quickly, often between trains, to avoid delays. The K 1250 Rail is equipped with the RA 10 attachment, which fastens to the rail to ensure a perfect right-angle cut.

14/16 "


  • SmartCarb™
  • Sealed transmission
  • One of the market’s most powerful rail cutters.
  • Capacity for 16" blade.
  • Equipped with double attachment mountings, to allow cutting from both directions.
  • Fast, stable mounting of the attachment on the rail.
  • Exact, right-angle cuts on all planes.
  • Chromium-plated, heat-resistant blade guard which reduces slag build-up.
  • Active Air Filtration™

    The new generation of Active Air Filtration™ is one of the most efficient air filtration systems on the market.

  • Fast, stable mounting

    Fast, stable mounting of the attachment onto the track.

  • Cutting from both sides

    The RA 10 attachment is included as standard and allows cutting from both sides of the track.

  • Perfect right-angle cuts

    The RA 10 attachment fastens to the track to ensure a perfect right-angle cut.


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