Husqvarna TS 60

(966 61 07-01)

A robust tile saw with a refined cart and rail system for perfectly straight cuts. The TS 60 is equipped with a patented water and slurry system for little to no mess. This includes an efficient recycling system that cleans water for reuse. Also, Elgard™ warns you of an approaching overload, and Electronic SoftStart™ allows starting with normal, slow acting fuses.

100 - 120 V


  • Equipped with Elgard™ which indicates via an LED when the machine is overloaded, to prevent motor damage and increase motor life.
  • The maximum cutting length of 700 mm and the 610 x 410 mm cutting table allows you to cut eg. 500 x 500 mm tiles on the diagonal.
  • An adjustable cutting head enables bevel cuts between 22.5 and 45 degrees.
  • Removeable table, angle guide and adjustable-height stand are included as standard equipment.
  • Husqvarna-designed 1200 W motor.
  • Weighing just 36 kg, it’s easy to carry and transport.
  • Electronic SoftStartTM allows starts with normal slow-acting fuses.
  • Efficiently switches between plunge cuts and mitre cuts with ease.
  • The TS 60’s features and benefits deliver greater workplace flexibility for contractors. Now it’s possible to cut indoors, thanks to the Jet Stream Water Containment System.
  • Diverse sawing

    With the TS 60 you can do both plunge and miter cuts.

  • Easy to handle

    Low weight and foldable legs make it easy to carry. Stable wheels facilitate transportation around the working site.

  • Jet stream system

    The Jet Stream Water Containment System keeps water and slurry in the cart trench for a clean work area.

  • Recycling water system

    A recycling system cleans water that can be reused.