Husqvarna FS 9900 D

(966 60 94-03)

For large jobs, especially jobs that require deep cutting or high production rates. Deeps sawing applications, and versatile enough for smaller jobs that require high production rates.


  • Blade clutch
  • Quick Stick™
  • Tier 3 emissions complaint
  • The FS 9900 D 3-speed gearbox is the most powerful flat saw in its range
  • Patented power transmission system transmits morw power to the bladeshaft (90 hp) with optimum torque than other saws in its class
  • 5th wheel option that helps raise and lower the rear of the saw, making it easier for the operator to pivot right or left. Particularly helpful when lining up a cut.
  • Bladeshaft tachometer helps operator identify correct bladeshaft rpm for selected blade size.
  • Electric tracking system allows operator to make tracking adjustments with a touch of switch, while cutting.
  • Patented IntelliSeal bladeshaft system allows for a minimum of 500 maintenance-free hours and deliminates daily greasing of bearings.
  • Electric tracking system

    Patent pending electric tracking system lets operator make tracking adjustments while cutting.

  • IntelliSeal

    The IntelliSeal blade spindle (patent pending) has four sealed radial bearings for strength and durability. Allows for a minimum of 500 hour maintenance intervals and a 1000 hour limited warranty.