Husqvarna Floor Saw 5000 D

FS 5000 D is a powerful, efficient walk-behind flat saw for road work, mid-size jobs, service work, floor sawing and smaller jobs that require high production rates. Highly versatile thanks to its high output, compact size and good maneuverability. Compliant with Tier 4 EPA regulations.


  • Blade clutch
  • Quick Stick™
  • IntelliSeal
  • Intuitive operation
  • A very powerful and productive flat saws in the small / mid-size segment.
  • Complies with Tier 4 EPA regulations. No re-generation required.
  • Blade diameters up to 36" provides maximum cutting depth of 15".
  • IntelliSeal bladeshaft system allows for a minimum of 500 maintenance-free hours and eliminates daily greasing of bearings.
  • Available in versions with 3-speed or 1-speed transmission. The 3-speed version extends the range of applications and allows for optimum performance when step cutting.
  • Equipped with electronic clutch for instant release of power transmission, which fulfils safety regulations.
  • Intuitive and ergonomic control panel

    All important functions are easy to reach and monitor, such as; blade rpm, forward speed, electronic tracking, depth gauge, belt and pulley ratios, runtime and service minder.

  • Easy adjustment of tracking for straight cuts

    Electric tracking system includes position indicator on the display, it can automatically return to neutral position and has the ability to memorise last used setting.

  • Powerful and productive

    The power transmission system with right-angle gearbox transmits high power to the blade shaft with optimum torque and minimised vibrations.

  • Adjustable and telescopic pointer

    Adjustable and telescopic pointer that gives high visibility when cutting and is compact when folded up.