W 1410 Diagrip2™

Diagrip2™ is the latest Husqvarna innovation for diamond tools. Based on the Diagrip™ technology, which distributes the diamonds in a 3D matrix inside the segment, Diagrip2™ also optimizes the distribution of the contact areas. Smaller contact areas with higher diamond concentration means substantially lower friction, resulting in more energy for the cutting itself. This in turn increases both cutting speed and tool versatility. This optimization of the segment geometry and smaller contact area combined with the 3-dimensional Diagrip™ technology is giving rise to a state-of-the-art range of diamond tools, with a much wider application window and performance than any others.


  • Diagrip2™ is the name of Husqvarna’s latest innovation in the tools area. Diagrip2™ is based on the Diagrip™ technology, giving superior performance.
  • Low active cutting surface with evenly distributed cutting edges and diamond crystals for best performance.