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Diamond blades for floor saws

Our floor sawing tools work in all types of material and with all types of saws, from small electric units to large diesel machines. Blade diameters range from 300 to 1200 mm. The new F 1400 (for high-powered machines), S 1400 and F 400 (for low-powered machines) series feature our unique Diagrip2™ technology, for efficient and convenient work – even in heavily reinforced concrete.
The F and L series are for use on medium to high-powered machines, and the S and VN series for use on low to medium-powered machines. We also have the L 600 range for slot cutting of electric and electronic cables, installation of traffic loops and other joint widening applications.

Diamond blades for floor saws

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Professional® Diagrip™ F1410 Husqvarna Professional® Diagrip™ F1420 Husqvarna Professional® Diagrip™ F1410 Full Husqvarna Professional® Diagrip™ F1420 Full Husqvarna Professional® F1310C, Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F1320C, Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F910C Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F915C Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F917C Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F920C Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F925C Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F927C Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F930C Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F810C, Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F820C Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F827C Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F830C Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F840C, Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F710C Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F720C Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F730C Cured Concrete Husqvarna Professional® F740C Cured Concrete Professional® F610C Professional® F620C Professional® F630C Professional® F850O Asphalt Overlay Professional® F855O Asphalt Overlay Professional® F750O, Asphalt Overlay Professional® F755O Asphalt Overlay Professional® F770A, Asphalt Professional® F780A, Asphalt Professional® F785A, Asphalt Professional® F1150G Green Concrete Professional® F1155G Green Concrete Professional® F1165G Green Concrete Professional® F1175G Green Concrete Professional® F1055G Green Concrete Professional® F1065G Green Concrete Professional® F1075G Green Concrete Professional® F1085G Green Concrete Professional® F851G Green Concrete Professional® F865G Green Concrete Professional® F881G Green Concrete Professional® F751G Green Concrete Professional® F765G Green Concrete Professional® F781G Green Concrete Professional® JW30, Joint Widening Professional® JW40, Joint Widening Professional® Slinger, Joint Material Remover Professional® Joint Beveling Professional® Traffic Loop L3, Concrete Husqvarna Professional® Traffic Loop L13, Asphalt Husqvarna Professional® F410E Husqvarna Professional® F420E Banner Line® Gold 150B Cured Concrete Banner Line® Blue 200B General Purpose Banner Line® Blue 300B Cured Concrete Banner Line® Red 450B-R Green Concrete Banner Line® Black 500B-R Asphalt High Pro Cured, Cured Concrete High Pro AOL, Asphalt Overlay FLX 230 Combo FLX 280 Combo Husqvarna HI5 Husqvarna HHI8 Husqvarna HI9 Husqvarna HI10 GH5 Husqvarna GH8 GH9 Husqvarna GH10 EH5 EH8 EH10 SD5+ Dri Disc Green Concrete Barracuda™ Banner Line® Crack Saw Blue 200B Banner Line® Crack Saw Black 500B Wire Joint Brush GC Concrete - Red GC-7A Gold RTC2 Blue RTC2 Red RTC2


Professional® Diagrip™ F1410

Professional® Diagrip™ F1420

Professional® Diagrip™ F1410 Full

Professional® Diagrip™ F1420 Full

Professional® F1310C

Professional® F1320C

Professional® F910C

Professional® F915C

Professional® F917C

Professional® F920C

Professional® F925C

Professional® F927C

Professional® F930C

Professional® F810C

Professional® F820C

Professional® F827C

Professional® F830C

Professional® F840C

Professional® F710C

Professional® F720C

Professional® F730C

Professional® F740C

Professional® F610C

Professional® F620C

Professional® F630C

Professional® F850O

Professional® F855O

Professional® F750O

Professional® F755O

Professional® F770A

Professional® F780A

Professional® F785A

Professional® F1150G

Professional® F1155G

Professional® F1165G

Professional® F1175G

Professional® F1055G

Professional® F1065G

Professional® F1075G

Professional® F1085G

Professional® F851G

Professional® F865G

Professional® F881G

Professional® F751G

Professional® F765G

Professional® F781G

Professional® JW30

Professional® JW40

Professional® Slinger

Professional® Joint Beveling

Professional® Traffic Loop L3

Professional® Traffic Loop L13

Professional® F410E

Professional® F420E

Banner Line® Gold 150B

Banner Line® Blue 200B

Banner Line® Blue 300B

Banner Line® Red 450B-R

Banner Line® Black 500B-R

High Pro Cured

High Pro AOL

FLX 230

FLX 280












SD5+ Dri Disc


Banner Line® Crack Saw Blue 200B

Banner Line® Crack Saw Black 500B

Wire Joint Brush

GC Concrete - Red GC-7A

Gold RTC2

Blue RTC2

Red RTC2

Cured concrete
Reinforced concrete
Reinforced concrete hard
Reinforced concrete medium
Reinforced concrete soft
Concrete hard
Concrete medium
Concrete soft
Cured concrete hard
Cured concrete medium
Cured concrete soft
Flint concrete hard
Granite soft
Granite medium
Granite hard
Limestone concrete
Reinforced materials
Quartz concrete
Abrasive material
Reinforcement bar - metal
Asphalt hard
Asphalt soft
Green concrete (abrasive) hard
Green concrete (abrasive) soft
Roof tile
Building brick
Brick hard
Brick medium
Brick soft
Building block
Abrasive building block
Roof tile, clay