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Husqvarna DXR 250 Husqvarna DXR 140

DXR 250

DXR 140

Casted baseplate in one piece Included feature Feature N/A
Automatic greasing system Feature N/A Feature N/A
Ergonomic remote control Included feature Included feature
Multi-purpose dozer blade for flexible operation. Feature N/A Feature N/A
Individually controlled outriggers Feature N/A Included feature
Power 24.81 hp 20.12 hp
Flow 50 / 60 Hz, l / min 65 52
System pressure, nominal max, Bar 200 200
System pressure, increased max, Bar 250 250
Variable flow to tools and system, l / min 0-65 0-52
Pump type Variable load-sensing axial piston pump Variable load-sensing axial piston pump
Terminal Portable remote control Portable remote control
Communication Radio or cable Radio or cable
Radio Industrial Bluetooth, class 1 Industrial Bluetooth, class 1
Range, radio Up to 328 ft. Up to 328 ft.
Battery High-capacity Li-ion 1600 mAh High-capacity Li-ion 1600 mAh
Misc specs
Reach (up/forward) 188.98/ 177.17 inch 173.23/ 145.67 inch
Control system Modular, digital CAN-based PLC Modular, digital CAN-based PLC
Automatic breaker lubrication Included on standard version Yes
Dozer blade Included on standard version -
Out-riggers - included in standard version
Weight 3571.43 lbs 2171.52 lbs
Width, machine body, mm 780 771
Length, machine body, mm 1695 (incl. dozer blade) 1614 (incl. outriggers)
Height, machine body, mm 1035 854