Sunday, January 01, 2012

Smart solutions – inside and out.

Husqvarna Construction Products launches the first drilling machine with an electronic system for accurate positioning, the DM 220.

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The DM 220 is easy to maneuver and the ergonomic properties allow the drill to be adapted to all types of users – from inexperienced operators to professionals. The electronic positioning system allows the operator to focus on drilling while at the same time controlling the machine’s position.

The DM 220 is equipped with several innovative features:

  • The ergonomic handles increase comfort, stability and make transporting the drill easier. The front handle can be turned 360°, which is useful when drilling in confined areas.
  • The electronic positioning system shows when the machine is in a vertical or horizontal position. An LED indicator replaces the standard bubble level for a more accurate reading, resulting in a more accurately drilled hole. It can also be calibrated to help guide the operator while angle drilling.
  • The Elgard™ function significantly increases the motor’s operating life by protecting it from overload. The LED indicators show the machine load and helps the operator drill with maximum efficiency at all times.
  • SmartStart™ reduces the speed of the drill to make starting a hole easier while Softstart™, an electronic current limiter, is designed to facilitate a smooth start.
  • The three-speed, water-cooled gearbox ensures optimal drilling performance for a variety of applications. 

An integrated dust collection system keeps the work area clean and uses the same connections for both wet and dry drilling. The DM 220’s features make it a comfortable and flexible drill to work with on any job.

Husqvarna Construction Products is a market leader in equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. The product range includes power cutters, floor saws, ultra early entry saws, tile and masonry saws, wall and wire saws, core drilling machines, surface preparation equipment, demolition equipment and diamond tools for these and other applications.

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