Sunday, March 04, 2012

Revolutionary tile saw.

The TS 60 tile saw was developed to be the most user-friendly and efficient tile saw available. Developed by listening to requests from tile contractors, this revolutionary saw will make cutting tile easier – from set up to tear down.

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Delivering products that increase efficiency and enhancing ergonomics has been Husqvarna’s central focus when developing any new product and the TS 60 is no different. The TS 60 is equipped with an innovative, patented Jet Stream Water Containment System that keeps water and slurry inside the water pan even while cutting. A stream of water is directed through a channel in the conveyor cart, cooling and lubricating the blade before it cuts the material and minimizing spray and slurry outside the frame of the saw. This keeps the area surrounding the saw free of water spray.
Other main features of the TS 60 include: 

•  Elgard™, overload protection, uses a LED warning light to indicate when the machine is overloaded to 
   prevent motor damage and increases motor life.
•  The 16" x 26" conveyor cart supports larger tile and allows diagonal cuts up to 20" and rip cuts up to 28".
•  An adjustable saw head adds the ability to make miter cuts of 22.5 and 45 degrees.
•  A removable cart extension, rip guide and height adjustable stand are standard.
•  Husqvarna designed 1.5hp motor is geared for only use on tile.
•  Weights only 79 lbs., making it is easy to carry and transport. 

The TS 60’s features and benefits allow contractors more flexibility in their working environment. Now cutting can be performed inside, thanks to the Jet Stream Water Containment System.