Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Husqvarna launches new deep cutting power cutter – the K760 Cut-n-Break.

The new K760 Cut-n-Break is the follow-up to the popular K650 Cut-n-Break, Husqvarna’s first machine with the revolutionary Cut-n-Break method. The K760 Cut-n-Break is a versatile machine featuring a more powerful engine, better ergonomics and reduced emissions - making it the choice for contractors who need to make deep cuts with a low tool cost.

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Husqvarna’s low emission X-Torq® engine utilizes dual intakes for clean air and a fuel-air mixture resulting in more power and less emissions, compared to conventional two stroke engines. As a result, the K760 Cut-n-Break produces 75% fewer emissions and lowers fuel consumption by 20%. The power cutter is equipped with an enhanced Active Air Filtration™ system which extends the filter-life and therefore allows the saw to run for up to one year without filter service, saving time and money. Improved ergonomic design along with an effective vibration and sound dampening system allow the operator to use the saw easily, reducing fatigue. 

The Cut-n-Break method is a series of stages through which cutting up to 16" is achieved. The first step is to make a cut up to 2-1/2" deep with fast cutting, twin 9" blades. The remaining central core is then easily broken off using the accompanying breaking tool. Finally, successive cuts can be made to reach up to 16" deep. With more power, the specially designed dual blades have been enhanced to be more resistant to thermal strain and can cut at a higher speed. 

This unique method of cutting is perfect for creating window, door and ventilation openings where overcutting is not desired. Cutting grooves for cabling, expansion joints and crack repair are also excellent uses for this

multifaceted saw. 

Husqvarna Construction Products is a market leader in equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. The product range includes power cutters, floor saws, ultra early entry saws, tile and masonry saws, wall and wire saws, core drilling machines, surface preparation equipment, demolition equipment and diamond tools for these and other applications.

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