Thursday, August 28, 2014

Husqvarna introduces a new range of grinding machines – versatile and easy to use!

We’ve revamped our line-up of small grinders and added the PG 450. All of the machines are versatile, easy to use and fold to transport. This new range is perfect for the professional or do-it-yourself user.

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Husqvarna Small PG Press Release

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Benefits for all machines
We created these new grinders with not only the professional user, but also the do-it-yourself homeowner in mind. These machines are durable, flexible and easy to use thanks to some great new features.

The new chassis/frame can be separated from the grinding head in less than 30 seconds, making set-up and teardown easy. The frame folds tightly and can be wheeled around, similar to a suitcase, and the handles on the grinding head allow it to be easily lifted and moved. Having two separate pieces enables the grinders to fit into the trunk of most vehicles. In addition, the handle bar on the frame adjusts to make setting an ergonomic operating height easy.

The self-adjusting floating cover with brush list enables dust to be collected for a cleaner environment. The new cover follows the surface of the floor and creates a tight seal for efficient dust management.

All three machines have a fixed speed, which makes it easy to use as there are no settings required. They are equipped with an hour meter (except PG 400, 480V).
PG 450 - our smallest planetary grinder/polisher. Versatile new line. The new grinders are perfect for professionals and do-it-yourself users. They can be easily moved to and from the jobsite and are ideal for small/mid-size applications.
PG 450 Benefits
“We have listened to our customers when developing the PG 450. The whole range is perfect for users who look for both efficiency and versatility,” says Joakim Leff-Hallstein, Global Product Manager for Surface Preparation.

The PG 450 is our smallest planetary grinder/polisher, and is a versatile and easy to use grinding machine that can perform all types of applications such as concrete grinding, coating removal, concrete repair and polishing. The planetary drive also guarantees a flatter surface, and the machine can be used to create a HiPERFLOOR® polished concrete solution. The machine runs on single phase power, which is easily accessible in most industrial and domestic settings.
PG 280 Benefits
The PG 280 has the added benefit of an edge function with a wall protector for controlled edge grinding next to walls. The removable section on the lid cover makes it easy to convert to edge grinding. There are openings on both the left and right sides of the machine. This function also uses a non-marking wall protector to ensure the wall is not damaged during grinding. This feature enables users to remain upright, in a more ergonomic position.

To ensure the PG 280 can get as close as possible to walls, a new wheel setting with foot pedal has also been developed. The wheels can be set on either the left or right side by using the foot pedal. It is easy to use and no tools are required.

“All in all, the new PG range gives users a lot of possibilities and choices. Adding the new PG 450, we now offer a complete range of floor grinding machines for all applications,” stated Leff-Hallstein.
Main benefits
• Compact design and foldable frame for easy transportation
• Self-adjusting floating cover with brush list
• Equipped with Husqvarna Redi Lock® , an instant and hassle-free system for easy change of diamond tools
• Single phase
• Planetary drive (PG 450)
• HiPERFLOOR® application (PG 450)
• Edge grinding function (PG 280)
• Foot pedal to easily adjust the wheels for edge grinding (PG 280)
• Lid cover for easy conversion to edge grinding (PG 280)
Technical specifications for PG 450
• Power output, hp (kW): 3 (2.2)/2 (1.49)
• Rated current, A: 13/19
• Voltage, V: 220-240/110-120
• Phases: 3/1
• Grinding width, in (mm): 18 (450)
• Grinding discs, in (mm): 7 (178)
• Grinding pressure, lbs (kg): 152 (70)
• Grinding speed, rpm: 705/575
• Weight, lbs (kg): 240 (109)
• Recommended generator size, kW: 10
Technical specifications for PG 400
• Power output, hp (kW): 5.3(4)/5.3(4)/4(3)
• Rated current, A: 9/15/18
• Voltage, V: 480/220-240/220-240
• Phases: 3/3/1
• Grinding width, in (mm): 16 (410)
• Grinding discs, in (mm): 16 (410)
• Grinding pressure, lbs (kg): 121 (55)
• Grinding speed, rpm: 1,720/1,720/1,160
• Weight, lbs (kg): 254 (115)
• Recommended generator size, kW: 12/12/15
Technical specifications for PG 280
• Power output, hp (kW): 2(1.5)/3(2.2)
• Rated current, A: 19/18
• Voltage, V: 110-120/220-240
• Phases: 1
• Grinding width, in (mm): 11 (280)
• Grinding discs, in (mm): 11 (280)
• Grinding pressure, lbs (kg): 55 (25)
• Grinding speed, rpm: 11,160/1,720
• Weight, lbs (kg): 154 (70)
• Recommended generator size, kW: 6/7.5

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