Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A machine with options – dry or wet cutting.

Husqvarna Construction Products is constantly striving to develop equipment that helps operators get the most out of his/her tools. With the introduction of two new attachments for the K3000 line of electric power cutters, the K3000 dust reducer and the WT 15 water tank, Husqvarna is doing more with less.

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The K3000 Dust Reducer easily attaches to the K 3000 Vac power cutter to minimize dust while
sawing. Reducing dust creates a better working environment for the operator and surrounding area
while shortening clean-up time. The K3000 Dust Reducer works exceptionally well on flat surfaces.
When the Dust Reducer is detached, the unique blade guard features a hose attachment for a
convenient way to cut wet. 

When a job calls for a switch between dry and wet cutting, the WT 15 water tank is a convenient tool
to have on hand. Instead of having to stop and find a water source the WT 15 water tank is the water
source, holding enough water to cut continuously for 20 minutes before refilling. The WT 15 comes
fully equipped and every attachment fits on the unit for easy transporting and storage. The WT 15
water tank can also be used with other Husqvarna power cutters and drills.