Thursday, March 27, 2014

Underwater Wire Cutting – a Delicate Project.

In September 2013, Randy Wendel with Diamond Core Drilling Systems, Inc. and his team were undertaking a critical job in the port of Corpus Christi, TX. A cement plant dock had collapsed in the ship channel and needed to be cut in three pieces and removed.
Wendel had never tackled a project like this in the past and asked for assistance from his Husqvarna Construction Products sales representative, Matt Heitz. Heitz in turn called Johan Ekström, Product Manager, and Cliff Bailey, Technical Specialist with Husqvarna for their expertise.
The job called for a Husqvarna CS 2512 wire saw with a PP 455 power pack and C 1000 diamond wire. The CS 2512 was positioned on a barge, with the wire run sub-surface under the dock. Due to the size of the dock (38' wide with a 10" thick deck including 24" beams and two mats of rebar on 6" centers) dragging of the wire became a top concern. If the wire ran through the mud, there would be power loss and reduced cutting effectiveness.
The experts decided to insert PVC pipe under the dock to decrease the drag. Divers from Indepth Underwater Services based in Portland, TX, water jetted 1-1/2" PVC pipe under the structure. The divers then fed the wire through the pipe and crimped through the CS 2512. Once the wire was in place, the divers attached air hoses to the PVC pipe and sent air through to reduce drag. In addition to the added air, the divers placed a PVC pipe with holes drilled in it on top of the deck to circulate air on top, again reducing drag.
Each section was cut in approximately four hours, and Diamond Core Drilling Systems lifted the pieces out ahead of schedule.