Thursday, April 18, 2013

PG 280 Used to Tailor Garages!

Tailored Living Premier Garage makes quick work of renovating garage floors using the PG 280 surface preparation grinder.

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Garage before
Mark Flood and Steve Brown, Tailored Living Premier Garage franchise owners, have discovered a tool that is preparing the foundation for his work – literally. The two Husqvarna PG 280 surface preparation machines they recently purchased are making quick work of renovating garage floors.

“I do a lot of epoxy removal, and concrete grinding and cleaning to prepare for more epoxy application,” said Flood, who owns franchises in Oakville and Burlington, Ontario. “Often, the existing garage floor is in very bad condition, and that’s where the PG 280 pays for itself.”
Garage after
The Husqvarna PG 280’s small size makes it highly maneuverable in the relatively small confines of a private garage. With a light weight of 150 pounds, it provides the professional results of a much larger machine. Its versatility enables the user to use a half set of diamond segments for more aggressive grinding, or a full set for flattening.

“I recently did a complete garage makeover in Oakville using the PG 280 and the DC 1400 Vac,” said Flood. “The PG 280 made quick work of the job the way the machine moved around easily, hitting the low areas as well as the high areas, and enabled us to prepare the concrete floor quickly. The customer was ecstatic with the job and gave us a rave review on”