Thursday, January 03, 2013

Husqvarna's DXR 250 visits the United Nations!

Husqvarna provides Breaking Solutions, Inc. versatility with the DXR 250 demolition robot. The robot helped renovate areas in the United Nations’ General Assembly Hall and Secretariat Building.


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Breaking Solutions, Inc. (BSI), a specialty demolition contractor based out of the Bronx, New York, provides custom mechanical solutions for jobs that are normally completed manually. Recently, the company was part of the $1.9 billion historic renovation of the United Nations buildings. Built between 1950 and 1952, many of the structures no longer meet the expected building safety standards. The major goal of the project was to incorporate modern sustainable initiatives and prevent future deterioration of the buildings.

BSI was contracted to demolish concrete slabs, concrete encased beams and seating in the Secretariat Building. BSI needed a product that was electric-powered and yet powerful enough to break through concrete. Husqvarna was able to answer this need with the perfect product for the job, the DXR 250 Demolition Robot. In the General Assembly Hall, the crew was able to break the concrete deck and clean most of the beams from the top of the vaulted ceiling. The robot fit perfectly into confined spaces due to its small footprint. The machine’s size made it a versatile tool as it was also small enough to climb stairs to remove stadium seating. Only using one tool and one operator enabled BSI to save time. According to John Amorosano Sr., owner of BSI, the DXR 250 provided him with “effortless breaking while operating, it was nice to run the machine.”

BSI’s demolition was halted each time a General Assembly meeting was held. Even with the loss of time, the team was able to step up production and still get the expected amount of work completed. “Husqvarna is becoming our middle name,” said Amorosano. “If it weren’t for the DXR 250, we would never have met our deadline.”

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