Splitting Maul

Designed for splitting chunks of wood. The poll is designed for driving splitting wedges. All Husqvarna axes are hand forged with high quality Swedish steel and feature a hickory shaft. Leather sheath included.


$ 79.26

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Amazing! Amazing maul that is of a design that no one else uses except Wetterlings wich charge way more. I will be buying there splitting axe next. Just an amazing maul! January 17, 2014
Fantastic Value As someone who is somewhat new to heating with wood, I am very glad that I picked up the Husqvarna Maul from my local dealer in March 2013. It has proven a very valuable tool for me as i have split all my wood with it (3.5-4 chord). Predominantly, I split maple and oak rounds that 16-18 inches long and varying diameters. It has no problem handling any of them. To be more efficient, I bundle the rounds together instead of using a chopping block. This technique punishes the handle, so I will be replacing the handle soon. This maul might only be better if it had one of the more durable composite handles. However, I am very happy with it, and would strongly recommend it to anyone. Hearing the hardwood pop apart as you send the Swedish Steel head down on it, is really gratifying. It is also a good workout. Happy Splitting. December 7, 2013
This maul is great quality, at a low price. This maul is made of hand-forged, quality Swedish steel. It has a hickory handle that is ergonomically efficient and feels great in my hands. This is unlike any maul you will find at a big box store and will last a long time. It came with a very nice leather sheath and a razor-sharp edge. It has many pros that make this maul worth the price (it is considerably low compared to most other QUALITY axes and mauls used for splitting). The only con is that it has a slight lack of power on very large, hardwood rounds (greater than 15" in diameter). This is a great maul and a great value, and I would recommend it to anyone who wanted a quality tool they could depend on. January 3, 2012
Great Maul So my rating maybe off when it comes to power? obviously you supply the power but because of the forward design of the cutting head the power is multiply into the downward swing (much like good golf clubs). Don’t waste $25 on a walmart store maul go to a hardware store and buy this you will see a BIG difference. I own stihl saw but this is something Husky has done right!! Semper FI November 4, 2011
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