Triple Bagger

3 bin (9 bushel) baggers with durable, polyester mesh collection bags. Can be used with or without lawn bags. Full bag indicator lets you know when the bag is full. The top is designed for improved air flow, which results in fuller bags. Easy-glide bin with built-in handles makes clipping disposal easier. Collar handle and straps on the bottom of the bag both allow for easy dumping. They also take up less space in your garage when storing your bagger.


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craftsman 48 in This kit worked fine for my craftsman L3200. it was made in the husqvarna factory and mirrored the kit that Sears sells for $150 more. I got mine at Lowes for $299. used the 48 in lower tube. put it on quickly. only thing that slowed me down was the stud that had to be bolted onto the top tube. I also put bumpers on the bracket but had to remove because I didn't read the fine print in the instructions. June 28, 2014
bagger design features seem to have been improved Just picked up this high capacity bagger for fall leaf clean up. Was not sure what to expect but after the first use can say I'm very pleased with its overall performance- did not have any problem with gasket seal at chute bagger entry as some have mentioned so maybe there has been some improvement by Husqvarna. I usually mulch the grass and was advised to put my cutting blades back on for maximum lift but decided to run it with my gator blades just to see how it would do and if greater bag capacity would result. This worked very well leaving small amount of fine mulched leaves on the ground and very pleased at overall bag distribution. Center bag or one nearest chute does tend and to fill quicker depending on how dry or wet the leaves are. Also was not sure how to read the bag "fill" indicator but after a number of fills discovered it works but opposite to what I thought- seems the indicator wheel begins to spin as bagger reaches near capacity, faster it spun the fuller I found the bags. So maybe this has been another improvement made. Only thing I found confusing was the symbols molded on upper chute seem to be reverse labeled. Multiple bag handles are great and bags slide in and out of frame with ease. Can't speak to its durability as I just purchased unit, but hope molded plastic chute, meshed bags and handles hold up over time. Only negative I can speak of is it seems that bags could be deeper for even greater capacity- I am using on a RZ4824F with fabricated deck and there is at least a foot of clearance from bottom of bag to ground so I am going to check with Husqvarna dealer and see if an optional greater capacity bag is available... that would be GREAT AND MAKE FOR LESS WORK! October 22, 2012
Dont waste your money I have had my bagger for almost two years. Over this time frame, I have had to replace the rear tube due to snagging a pole (my fault admittingly, but the connection between the upper and lower tubes should be underneath not on the side), the gasket between the upper tube and basket is non functional (clippings just blow past the gasket), the bags are poorly designed (the webbing on the bottom handle will tear off of the plastic base) and the attachment of the lower tube to the deck is very weak (I have reinforced this with a 16 guage metal band as the plastic bent and broke off). I just received a quote to replace the bags for this unit and was told that they would cost me <$50 each plus freight. This would be almost half the cost of the actual unit. August 29, 2012
Clogging Problems I found this a very easy item to install and at first, it seemed to work quite well. However, as the humidity has risen and the grass has dampened, it has become virtually nonfunctional. I am not trying to mow wet grass. I am waiting until mid-afternoon on sunny days, but the bagger is clogging right at the entry point coming off the blades. This means stopping frequently and taking the chute apart to unclog it, as well as having to clean out under the mower. This becomes quite tedious and isn't the point of the bagger. The grass isn't even reaching the bags! I am so disappointed I may return it. August 1, 2012
Double Bagger I bought the tractor initially without the grass catching attachment. When I went back to purchase the grass bagging attachment, I was told that my 46" tractor would only accept the double bagging attachment. I bought it, assembled and attached it to my tractor. I did not like the gasket that connects the blower tube to the plastic hood. I could not keep it properly connected without a lot of extra effort. Once I got it working though it seemed to be ok. This problem re-occurred whenever I had to lift the hood to empty the bags. I ended up using "gorilla tape" to tape the gasket to the hood. I am not used to spending $ 350.00 for a cheaply designed system that needs additional work to keep the gasket from slipping and blowing grass on my back. The gasket should be part of the intake hood and should not be removable or the intake tube needs to be re-designed to make it easier to attach and to allow it to remain in place. This really does not require an MIT degree. I hope I don't have any further problems with this grass catching attachment. The tractor is as advertised and does it's job wonderfully. July 16, 2012
Bagger not made correctly This Bagger needs to be redesigned, right where the chute attaches to the Bagger is a rubber gasket, the chute is somewhat smaller than this gasket and all the clippings get blown all over my back and the rear of the mower. I believe this is either a design flaw or a defective unit. I love the mesh bags they are great to use and handle very well, the full bag indicator, well let's just say they tried. April 13, 2012
Bagger Love the fact that I can cut grass/leaves nonstop for 30 minutes before having to empty the system....... Best accessory I have bought for my Husq tractor. January 6, 2012
Composting with triple bagger I usually mulch grass clippings right back into the lawn. Now I bag it three weeks of the month to add to my 3 bin composter. Coupled with gator mulching blades, the triple bagger loads all three bags effeciently from left to right. All three bags are made of great material that can be easily washed out after use. I enjoy all the handles on each bag, for carry and dumping! Husqvarna, you got it right! October 17, 2011
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