Triple Bagger (For Fabricated Decks)

Easy-glide bin with built-in handles makes clipping disposal easier. Collar handle and straps on the bottom of the bag both allow for easy dumping. They also take up less space in your garage when storing your bagger. Includes blower and adapter kits.


$ 849.95

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Product reviews for Triple Bagger (For Fabricated Decks)

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Engineering malpractice I am selling my entire tractor (a YT48XLS) because the issues with this bagging system cannot be corrected. All collection systems will clog at times, due moisture or density or other factors. Given that, why would you design a system that damages your equipment within seconds of a clog occurring? 3 ruined belts at $40 per belt in one season, despite extra care about frequent mowing of no more than 1/2 inch of dry grass. DO NOT BUY THIS! You will NOT like it. It is expensive (burns up drive belts in seconds), unreliable (multiple change of direction for clippings contributes to clogging, power fan plasters chute with discharge bits and quickly shrinks the diameter of the chute, drive belt jumps pulley very easily), a maintenance headache (disassembly with tools required to reset drive belt, constant vigilance against clogging), in addition to making the deck hard to level. The fabricated deck is fine, but in conjunction with a power collection system it is all but unusable. I tried to get a 46 or 48 inch stamped deck with a standard collection chute to replace it, but the cost amounts to the cost of a new lawn tractor and the phone rep was unwilling to find out if it was even compatible with my tractor. This was a waste of money and unfortunately makes my tractor unusable and unreliable for cutting and collecting grass. In no way can I recommend this. February 27, 2014
Triple BAgger System performance I have a farily large yard surrounded by tall oaks, I purchased this system to help with Fall cleanup. I have used this for over a year now and am extremely satisfied with the performance. I have previously had problems with chute clogs in other systems due to tall grass or large amounts of leaves. This system has handled that very well and I have noticed a sharp decline in that issue. In general the system has performed very well. November 8, 2013
Drive Belt issues Before I purchase this bagger, the husqvarna shop that I purchased my tractor from told me I wouldn’t need a bagger to cut my acre plus lot…? Not sure if they were saying don’t buy the bagger because it isn’t very good or if they were confused about what to do with all the grass clippings. And no you cannot purchase a bagger for my mower (YT48XLS/fabricated deck) without the blower. It is a much heavier attachment, that doesn’t seem to be very well engineered. If I would have know it only had one option for a bagger system I wouldn’t have purchased the mower and at the cost 895. plus it is a very costly mistake. My fault for not doing better home work. Since I purchased this product, I have had constant issues with it throwing the belt that drives the blower system for the bagger. It is a constant challenge, that after thirty plus repairs, I have gotten down to a 15 minute repair. I have adjusted the deck to the required specs of Husqvarna, although that hasn’t seemed to help much. I re-adjusted the guide wheels on my deck to the middle settings in order to keep the blower attachment from hitting the ground when the tractor encounters a bump. Through trial and error, I have discovered that the blower attachment will bounce up and down when striking a bump that will loosen the belt and dislodge it from the main pulley drive on the deck. There is no solution for this issue that I have found or figured out, yet. My latest experience with the blower attachment is that my drive belt to the blower has now broken and I will need to replace it. It is less than 4 weeks old. When I called Husqvarna, they had no working knowledge of the product, no trouble shooting answers or any area to reference. They simply pasted the duck to their local dealer, saying they couldn’t help me at all. The local dealer in turn had no answers or any feedback about the product or issues. Leaving me in dark with my with my four thousand dollar nightmare. If I could return everything and start over I would go with a different company all together. May 13, 2013
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