Dozer Blade

48" width by 16" height welded reinforced blade for dozing dirt, rock, sand or snow. Heavy duty adjustable and replaceable skid shoes. Blade angles left or right up to 30°. One time mounting bracket installation. Remove blade without tools once brackets installed for transfer to mower deck. Yellow dichromate hardware resists rust. Wheel weights and tire chains recommended.


$ 475.55

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Good Blade I purchased this blade for use on my GTH26V52LS along with tire chains and the rear weight. Everything seems well built and I expect it to hold up to years of use. I tried researching this product before purchasing it but was unable to find much information, so I put my faith in the Husqvarna name; I have not been disappointed. I went with the dozer blade over the snow blade simply because it's a heavier duty unit intended for various duty use. The blade comes unassembled however it was not difficult to put together using the supplied instructions (my local dealer did offer to assemble and install everything for me if I wanted). Once assembled the unit can be attached and removed from the supplied mount in minutes simply by removing a few cotter keys. Overall the controls are easy to manipulate,with the up/down being done by the right side handle and the right/center/left angle adjustment done with the left handle. Angling the blade to the left does take slightly more effort than angling to the right. So far use has been limited to knocking down some ruts, pushing a little stone around and plowing light snow. I've bounced this over a few larger stones in the driveway (skids set too low) and it seems to be able to take the abuse. Overall I'm impressed and pleased with my investment. December 31, 2011
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