Double Bagger

2 bin (6 bushel) baggers with durable, polyester mesh collection bags. Can be used with or without lawn bags. Full bag indicator lets you know when the bag is full. The top is designed for improved air flow, which results in fuller bags. Easy-glide bin with built-in handles makes clipping disposal easier. Collar handle and straps on the bottom of the bag both allow for easy dumping. They also take up less space in your garage when storing your bagger.


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Total Junk I bought this from Lowes after needing to replace my Husqvarna mower and bagger which I owned for 17 years. What happened to the bagger quality? I can't believe what a poor product this is. It is impossible to insert the upper chute into the hood of the bagger because the rubber ring is not sealed to the hood. The ring seal kept popping out every time I tried to insert the chute. The red wheel never spun, but I am assuming that is because the ring seal could not be set properly. The hood can not open with the seat down. The latch on the hood is very faulty and didn't really stay shut which meant grass was flying everywhere. It also meant that the bags fell off the tractor and ended up under the mower. It's a total waste of money and it's ridiculous there is no other option. I find it hard to believe that Husqvarna puts its name in such an inferior product. I would gladly pay more for something that lasts and works. June 4, 2014
Don't listen to the past reviews I read all the reviews on google, amazon and the husqvarna websites. They were all "half I love it, half it's garbage". If you buy it from Lowes, it comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. I bought it under that assurance that I can try it. I am so glad I did! I have a huge half acre corner lot with tons of trees. It sucked the leaves and the grass and the thatch like it was a champ! I have saint Augustine grass and it went to town on it. The mower itself is unreal, but with the bagged the leaves had no chance. You can put 30 gallon lawn bags inside the collectors and just stop every on e in awhile and hand compact the leaves in the bag. Once you fill them all the way, simply pull the holder out (it slides out so so easy) then tie the bag. Turn the holder upside down and hold the smartly placed handle and shake it twice and your full, compacted bag of leaves falls right right out. Slap a new bag in each collector and repeat till done. It seriously made me smile from ear to eat since I normally hand rake then bag the piles. Get it from Lowes or anyplace that offers a return if unhappy and see for yourself. You do need glue the rubber seal on as others in reviews have said. Husqvarna staff; fix this on future models please. Other than that it works perfect!!! November 2, 2013
This product does not perform well at all! Everything works fine until it comes time to attach and detach the lower chute front latch to the tab hole at the base of the deck. There is no room to manuver in order to hook the latch into the flange hole on front of the mower deck. You either have to remove the wheel in order to have the room needed to attach it or secure it to another area on the deck and that becomes a real hassle when using the bagger. If I knew this in advance, I would have never purchase this item but I really do need a bagger. August 20, 2013
Go for it I've been debating over the last few years on purchasing a bagger...I just never wanted one. I have been mulching or using the side discharge but I've been getting tired of raking up the clumps and my hands need a break from the blisters. I decided to take my chances and purchase the bagger. If the unit was just going to be "ok", I was going to be "ok" with it too. I picked it up and got it home and within minutes it was on my 2042LS. I was very surprised at how well it performed. I have no issues with the product design or the way it collected the clipping. I am a lawn for all you skeptics out there...and based on some of the reviews, I was one of them...Go For It, I think you will be happy with it. August 11, 2013
Not to shabby Well, i am an avid Husqvarna man myself, everything I buy is Husqvarna.....I was growing tired of mowing my lawn with my Husky YTH21K46 tractor, then going back over the bad spots were the grass side-discharged.....Now I know I could have converted to a mulching kit to eliminate side discharge, but like my lawn vaccumed clean from any clippings....So, what did I do? Searched for a Husky tractor bagging system on Amazon & Lowes....What do I find? Pretty poor reviews of this thing....I found it weird because Husky is known for their built to last products, but yet this bagger had poor reviews on literally every website I researched.......So i purchased this anyways, got it home, unboxed, assembly was pretty straight forward, I only have ONE complaint, and thats the rubber seal where the hose runs into the bagging chamber, its cheaply rubber and tends to keep falling off....everything else seems sturdy and it bags just fine, just a few clippings my get on the back of your tractor or a little on you, but thats to be expected.....I found that a little big of Gorilla Glue on the rubber into the chamber, fixed me right up.......So for you skeptics out there that rate this poorly because you get a little dirty or hit things causing the components to break, get over yourself, this system does a great job of cleaning up my lawn and others as I mow 5 different lawns in total each summer.....Good product Husqvarna, just I think you could have done a little bit better on the rubber seal! July 11, 2013
A $300+ lesson learned Purchased the Husqvarna YTH22V42 riding mower and H242SL bagger in April of last year. While I'm pretty satisfied with the mower (save for the fact that the belt was stretched out within a month of ownership and isn't an easy change to do on my own) the bagger is a disaster. Makes me regret the total purchase to some extent, because the bagger is a necessity for me. Poor design features include the chute wheel which, like another reviewer stated, doesn't signal when it is full very well, and you end up having to take it apart just about every time you empty the bags. But the true disappointment for me lies in the actual product design. The two-piece chute is held together by a badly reinforced nut and bolt mechanism and a rubber strip. This broke the first time we brushed against a tree trunk (and not all that hard at that). The lower part of the chute is held onto the mower by two slits in the plastic, which both cracked off within the first two months of use, when one of the tension hooks designed to hold it in place broke off after a few weeks of use. (BTW: now both hooks have fallen off, not sure when the second one went) This year I took it out at the beginning of the season to find that nothing is actually going into the bags. Not sure if its because I'm having to hold the chute in place with bungee cords, or the seal into the bags isn't sufficient, or if the broken tabs are the culprit because there is now nothing really holding them in place besides the bungee. I searched for replacement parts and it looks like a new chute is going to run me in excess of $150 plus shipping (possibly well in excess because I think all the hooks that hold it together and in place are at an additional cost). I do not recommend this product, and as a result probably wouldn't buy the mower either if the bagger is a necessity for you. June 2, 2013
Not impressed :( Today I put this unit on my wonderfull new 42 inch mower and was very unimpressed. Putting this unit on the mower was not bad. But once I got mowing the grass was blowing out the back betweeb the bags and the top peice. By the time I was done my back and my mower was full of grass clippings. Also that red wheel thing did not turn so I kinda guessed when the bags were full. I don't really recommend this but what else are you going to use.:( June 29, 2012
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