Double Bagger (For Fabricated Decks)

Easy-glide bin with built-in handles makes clipping disposal easier. Collar handle and straps on the bottom of the bag both allow for easy dumping. They also take up less space in your garage when storing your bagger. Includes blower and adapter kits.


$ 849.95

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42" Blower Kit has issues I purchased the 42" collection system January 2011. I have had issues with it from the start. First, after 4 hrs of use, the cover assembly #539 11139, would not stay closed over the bags and my clippings were being blown into the yard. This was replaced under warranty. Second, after 9 hrs, I notice a small crack in the blower housing just next to the decal. After more hrs of use this tiny crack grows. Third, on my second season of use, around 20 hrs, my belt snapped #539 132347. Fourth, shortly after my belt was replaced, the upper idler pulley #539 919078 bushing was worn out completely and replaced. By this time the small crack in the blower housing had grown to over two inches and was blowing clippings directly in my face as I mowed. The warranty period was out and I was out of pocket on these repairs except the first incident with the cover assembly. I decided to install a metal plate on the blower housing. My initial plan was to place the plate inside of the blower assembly, but the ergonomics of the assembly and materials being used would not fit. I installed a metal plate on the outside top portion of the blower assembly covering the decal and extending the top so that clippings would no longer blow into my face. The housing #539 130344 is made with plastic that can not withstand debris being transferred through it at an extreme velocity. Small rocks, sand, sticks and what ever else the system sucks from the ground files away the plastic and creates a thin wall on the housing after a few uses and cracks will appear. Now, the crack has extended beyond the metal plate and has reached the hood latch #539 108088. There are clippings once again escaping the gaping hole in the blower assembly. The lower unit that attaches to the deck needs to be redesigned with more durable materials . With the price I paid for this unit, it should be made of titanium. Not happy. October 19, 2013
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