Brush Guard

The LS Brush Guard's heavy-duty automotive styling and welded construction protects your tractor from accidental damage. One piece easy and quick installation and allows access to hood.


$ 75.55

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Looks great too I added the brush guard to my 22V46 to protect from accidental bumps the front of my machine. I would rather bump the guard than crack the front of my rider. Get one. June 10, 2013
Very Nice! This was a very nice addition to my tractor, but installation is not as easy as they say. The problem is getting your fingers behind the frame to put the bolds in! Not much room. However once you get the bolts in its a snap! May 28, 2013
This thing saved my hood This brush guard came on my lawn tractor [YTH24V42LS] and I liked the styling right out of the gates. It's low enough that it doesn't interfere with the hood opening or inhibit working on the engine if need be. Within three weeks, I was already glad that this bumper was on the mower. I was turning to miss a tree and misjudged it slightly and WHAM. The brush guard hit the tree, quite hard, and my hood is still in perfect condition. I have since scuffed it up a bit with several more close calls and such and am very glad that I have it on my tractor. This thing has taken a few really good licks and is still in perfect condition. The rubber ends that connect the two pipes tend to come off easily when brushed the wrong way, but they're easily slipped back on and keep on trucking (mowing). If you're got a tractor without a guard on it, I would highly recommend this brush guard. It can seriously take some abuse. October 12, 2012
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