Husqvarna DC 1400

DC 1400 is a versatile dust collection unit for wet and dry applications. It is ideal for smaller jobs when a high level of portability is wanted. This new product is the perfect complement to PG 400, PG 280, K 3000 Vac and DM 220. DC 1400 is supplied complete with hoses and accessories. Two special developed adaptors are included for perfect attachment to our recommended Husqvarna products.


$ 1,369.00

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for DC 1400

  • Automatic dust filter cleaning prevents clogging while working.

  • Auxiliary start/stop system enables remote start /stop of the DC 1400 when starting/stopping a connected machine.

  • The long hose of 4 +2.5 m enables DC 1400 to perform on a large area

  • DC 1400 is delivered with Husqvarna adaptor, allowing easy connection to PG 400, PG 280, K3000 VAC and DM 220

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