Over 325 Years of Innovation and Commitment to Excellence

Dedicated From the Beginning

At Husqvarna, we care about the people, communities and environments of the planet we all inhabit. Since our company’s founding over 325 years ago, we’ve led the way in forward-thinking innovation. You’ll find our inventive drive is alive and well in our community involvement, business culture and corporate responsibility.


Connected to People

Husqvarna believes working outdoors is more than a livelihood: It’s a calling. That’s why, whether we’re designing a chainsaw for a forester or building a lawn mower for a landscaper, we strive for a high level of quality and workmanship. Our mission is to help hard-working people achieve their dreams.

Industry Associations

As a result of Husqvarna’s dedication to quality, we’ve formed relationships with prominent professional associations. We’re members of the following industry groups:

Organization Sponsorships

In addition to our association memberships, Husqvarna is proud to sponsor the following training organizations:

Connected to the Community

Husqvarna understands the importance of investing in the local community. Through our sponsorships and charitable actions, we hope to encourage sustainable economic growth and better spaces for living.

Sports Sponsorships

Husqvarna is a top competitor in the world of power equipment. Naturally, we love our local sports teams! We sponsor the Charlotte Hornets basketball team, the Charlotte Knights baseball team and the Charlotte Checkers hockey team.

Charitable Activities

Every October, Husqvarna runs a Breast Cancer Awareness Contest. For each contest entry we receive, we donate $1 to the Greater Good Foundation, helping to fund mammography screenings for women who can’t afford them. 

Additionally, we recently completed a company day of service at Rescue Ranch, a North Carolina organization dedicated to animal welfare through advocacy and education.

Connected to the Environment

Our planet faces numerous challenges over the next century, and environmental issues are among the most urgent of all. Husqvarna is dedicated to addressing these problems head on. As a global leader in battery-based robotics and power equipment, we’re proudly inventing the tools that will power the future.

Green Innovation

Husqvarna’s eco-friendly innovations, such as our low-emissions X-Torq® engines and power-conserving savE™ mode on our battery products, empower people to “go green” without sacrificing productivity or performance. Moreover, Husqvarna believes battery power is the energy source of the future, and we’re committed to leading the way with clean technology.

Cutting-Edge Robotics

Husqvarna has lead the way in engineering and innovation for over 325 years. Never a company to be satisfied with yesterday’s accomplishments, we’re blazing a trail in the field of robotics. We believe robots represent the next technological leap forward in the green industry. As a result, we’ve spent more than 20 years developing Automower®, the most versatile and sophisticated robot lawn mower on the planet. In the coming years, we expect these amazing machines to become a commonplace in residential and commercial spaces across the globe.

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