The tradition of innovations continues.

We’ve been working with professional users for more than 50 years. This experience and knowledge - combined with pioneering thinking and first-class engineering – has given rise to a number of innovative machines. Machines that help forest workers and landscapers as well as landowners and garden enthusiasts solve their daily challenges. We’re now adding a new chapter in our history of innovations – the Husqvarna Battery Series.

100% Husqvarna. 0% petrol.

Our battery machines combine robust design and raw power with great ergonomics and easy operation. The highly-efficient brushless motor and the powerful 36V Li-ion battery pack provide the performance you expect from a Husqvarna machine – with zero petrol and direct emissions. Also, the machines don’t require much maintenance, and noise levels as well as vibration levels are very low. All this allows you to work long hours and tackle all kinds of challenges.

Petrol performance – by a unique battery.

The highly-efficient handheld machines are driven by a uniquely powerful 36V Li-Ion battery pack. The battery gives you high and constant power, a performance equal to our petrol machines. We call this “100% Husqvarna. 0% petrol.” Also, the run time for a single charge allows you to work as long as you would on one tank of petrol. The battery comes with an extremely fast charger. If you have two batteries, you’re able to work nonstop since the charging time is shorter than the usual working time.

Impressively high power from a small, unique motor.

In the early test machines we tried brushless model plane motors. The results were impressive. These small, lightweight motors offer a very high level of efficiency, with excellent power and rapid acceleration at low speeds. Inspired by model aircraft we developed a unique, more robust brushless motor – with a superb combination of weight, durability and power. And not to mention, a torque that’s higher than in many petrol engines and therefore really amazes the users.

“I will definitely be buying more battery machines.”

Our battery machines have received good reviews from both test drivers and customers around the world. “The battery chainsaws are very compact, well balanced and have an excellent cutting capacity”, says experienced test driver Petrus Andersson in Malmö, Sweden. Richard Zunnebeld, site manager at the nature park Park Berg & Bos in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, appreciates the lightweight and efficient battery trimmers: “Due to the fact that we work in public areas, the low noise level and lack of direct emissions are two major advantages. I will definitely be buying more battery machines.”