19 April 2011

The Garden – a Relaxing Long-Term Investment

For home owners across the world, the garden is foremost used as a source of relaxation. But The Global Garden Report from Husqvarna also shows that a well-maintained garden raises the property value on a global average of 16%, and in the UK by 10 %.
The Global Garden Report is a study in which 5000 suburban home owners from nine different countries in four continents participated by answering questions about their gardens. Perhaps not surprisingly, the results show that 66% of the home owners use the garden for relaxation.

– The garden plays an important role for home owners everywhere. As our life styles get more and more hectic, the garden becomes a place we use to spend time with our friends and family, have cookouts and just relax or enjoy the company of those near to us.

The second most common way to use the garden is as an appeal increaser, which perhaps helps explain the fact that in the UK, a well-maintained garden raises the property value by 10%.

– The Global Garden Report show that in UK, a well-maintained garden increases the value of the property by 10%, that it pays back 4.1 times the money invested and is an investment that lasts over time. So you can definitely see your garden as both a source for relaxation and as an investment! 

Although gardening has changed in the UK, into somewhat more of an urban practice, the tradition of valuing a neat lawn remains intact. A fine lawn is considered to be the main contributor to property value and indeed, investing in the garden pays off. 

22% of UK gardeners still follow popular gardening trends with 77% believing somebody in their neighbourhood has a more attractive garden. With 17% of gardeners spending more than 20 hours tending to their garden in a Spring month, 53% consider the garden as an investment.  

Top 5 Ways to Use the Garden

Global average 

Relaxation 66%
Appeal increaser 58%
To be close to nature 56%
For social purposes 48%
Playground for children 46%

The Garden Effect

Homeowners across the world can raise their property value on average by 16% by taking care of their gardens. In the UK, a well-maintained garden increases the property value by 10%. And for every £1 spent, they will get £4.10 back. This so-called Garden Effect is one of the main conclusions presented in the 2011 Global Garden Report. 

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