23 September 2010

Husqvarna UK hits all time manufacturing high for the Automower®

The robotic mower Automower® from Husqvarna has hit the 100,000 manufacturing mark at the Husqvarna UK headquarters in Aycliffe, establishing itself as a firm fixture in the garden. The company is a shining example of commitment to low emissions technology and continues to play a leading role in the development and manufacture of environmentally friendly battery products.

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Imagine having a perfectly cut lawn whilst watching your lawnmower do all the work for you. The Automower® from Husqvarna fulfils this dream in all weather conditons and seasons with incredible ease. At the touch of a button this small yet powerful machine sets about the task at hand, leaving you to sit back and enjoy your garden.

The lawnmower is no longer an item we hide at the back of the shed. In today’s hectic world, robotic mowers work on the lawn for you making them an integral part of the garden. The Husqvarna Automower® has made such an impact on the gardening world that it was awarded a prestigious Red Dot Design award in Europe earlier this year for its unique innovation. It was selected from over four thousand entries across the globe.

“Design and ergonomics are two of our strongest competitive edges. The recognition from Red Dot Design Awards indicates that our priorities have paid off.” - Towe Ressman, Head of design for Husqvarna Group

The user friendly Automower has zero emission and keeps noise levels to an absolute minimum and is safe and efficient for a multitude of users. A perimeter wire installed during initial set-up is all it needs to guide its own way around the lawn. After that, the razor sharp blades and random cutting patterns take care of the rest. The grass cuttings produced are so fine that they decompose quickly, providing a natural fertiliser.

It works independently, rain or shine. Brilliantly simple, great for your conscience and even better for the planet, the Automower offers the best solution for maintaining the perfect lawn.

The Husqvarna Group is the world’s largest producer of outdoor power products including chainsaws, trimmers, lawn mowers and garden tractors.

All Automowers are made and assembled at Husqvarna’s UK headquarters in Aycliffe, Durham. This plant proudly produces a large percentage of Husqvarna’s offering and also caters for the manufacture of its market-leading brand Flymo. Production includes walk behind hover and wheeled rotary mowers and garden vacs. 

Note: The Husqvarna Group is the world’s largest producer of outdoor power products including chainsaws, trimmers, lawn mowers and garden tractors. It is the European leader in consumer irrigation equipment under the Gardena brand. The Group is also one of the world leaders in cutting equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. Net sales in 2009 were SEK 34 billion and the average number of employees was 15,000.