09 June 2010

Husqvarna celebrates 50 years in the forestry industry

Husqvarna has recently given away two WRE125 motorcycles to a happy customer and his forestry equipment dealer. The bikes were the top prizes in a competition run to celebrate the company’s 50th year supplying professional forestry equipment and as part of an enhanced warranty promotion.

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Customers purchasing a Husqvarna product between September and November of 2009 were invited to submit their details online, from which the winning entry was selected randomly. As well as giving a bike to one lucky customer, Husqvarna also gave an identical machine to the supplying dealer.

Liam Morris, a business manager from Well in North Yorkshire, was the happy winning customer. He had purchased a Husqvarna chainsaw after looking for a well designed, reliable, safe and easy to use machine.

Sam Turner and Sons of Northallerton in North Yorkshire was the lucky dealer who supplied the chainsaw. A family business that has been in existence for almost 80 years, it prides itself of developing strong links with the local farming community and is committed to quality, value, impartial service and customer trust.

“We are a local company, respected in the area and believe that Husqvarna is a brand that people can trust. It is important to us that customers get value for money and the right tool for the job. We find it easy to advise and recommend Husqvarna because you can rely on the quality of the product, it'll do the job you intended it for. Sam Turners' and Husqvarna are two names our customers can have faith and trust in”, says Charlie Turner of Sam Turners.

Husqvarna manufactured its first chainsaw in 1959 at the suggestion of the director of a local sawmill. He had become aware of the poor working conditions in the forest industry and saw the need for a new type of chainsaw. Husqvarna's experience of motorcycle engines enabled the company to produce a saw which had a powerful engine, weighed less and was quieter than the existing chainsaws. 

"Husqvarna always has the user in mind. We think a great deal about ergonomics, efficiency and safety in the manufacture of our chainsaws, as we always have ever since our very first model” says Lars Hagberg, Product Manager, Chainsaws, at Husqvarna.