Parts and Accessories for Husqvarna Riders

Cutting decks

Be sharp at all times and find the right cutting deck for your Rider. A Combi deck that combines BioClip® cutting and rear ejection in the same deck.

Front-mounted attachments

Make sure to always use your ride-on mower at its full potential. Husqvarna has a comprehensive range of front-mounted attachments for all kinds of purposes, such as brushing, snow removal and flail mowing.

Rear-mounted attachments

With Husqvarna’s rear-mounted attachments, including collectors, trailers, counter weights, moss rakes, aerators and spreaders, you can easily adapt your Rider to the season and situation.

Battery chargers

Be in charge of your power supply. A battery status indicator is a quick, practical connector for batteries that are difficult to access or are hidden.


Protecting your Rider while in storage or during transport will keep it durable and functional whenever you need it.


A Rider can be customized in many ways. Get a convenient armrest, tackle winter roads with snow chains or load it more effectively with our practical loading ramps. The choice is yours.

Personal protective equipment

Your body is your most important tool. We offer a wide range of protective products such as footwear, glasses, gloves and hearing protection.

Lubricants, fuel & filling equipment

By lubricating your Rider and using the right kind of fuel it will not only last longer, it will help you work optimally. We have a selection of lubricants, fuels and cans for easier work and better results.

Maintenance and spare parts

Care for your ride-on mower and it will not only last longer, but also work better when you need it. Always use Husqvarna spare parts that are developed together with the Rider to ensure a high level of quality. Turn to your closest dealer for advice, service and spare parts.

Bags and storage

Complete your Rider with high-quality and original accessories. Our line of quality carrying and storage bags will help you keep them in good condition.