01 February 2012

Time for snow shovelling

Winter means snow. And snow means shovelling. Here’s how to manage with minimum strain.
Oh yes – winter is here and it comes with incredibly cold weather – and the snow. However happy the children might be to have the possibilities for sled rides and snowball fights, almost all homeowners look upon the snow as more of a curse than a blessing. Because snow means shovelling, it means keeping pathways and driveways clear, aching backs and a lot of extra work.

Or does it? Nowadays there are a couple of shortcuts that you can take to spare yourself some trouble. If the area in question is large, investing in a snow thrower will save you hours of strenuous work.

With the double-stage machine, impellers pick up the snow and toss it, after the auger does the first lifting. The two-stage snow thrower cuts a wider path and flings the loosened snow further.

However, if your patios, driveways and/or walkways are small it might very well suffice with a good shovel with a long handle, non-stick surface and classic stamina. When shovelling, remember to be careful, as wet, slippery surfaces can be dangerous. Bend from the knees to avoid unnecessary strain to your back.

Have a plan – decide in advance what areas to attack and where the shovelled snow will end up
More is less – the more often you grab the shovel and clear away amassed snow, the less heavy the work will be
Consider health risks – If you are out of shape, have back problems, or heart conditions, it may actually be dangerous for you to shovel snow
Use steady, easy movements
Bend from the knees
If you’re “pushing” (clearing away large amounts from a driveway), hold the shovel at a slight angle and make passes back and forth
Try not to move the shovel below your waist
Take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water

Underneath the snow you’ll often find that the ground is icy and slippery. Here a good ice scraper will be of use. After removing the snow and ice from the desired areas, sand or salt with a good spreader. Remember that salt can damage lawns or plants, so think this measure through properly.

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Single stage snow thrower

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