11 July 2012

Think about this and you don’t have to think about mowing– the robotic mower gets the job done

It takes a lot of work to keep a garden well-tended, green and lush - only not for you as the Automower® from Husqvarna is up to the job. You can easily lean back and enjoy long summer days without worrying about the lawn growing tall and untamed. The robotic lawn mower not only helps you to mow, its cutting system also fertilises the grass while it quietly works its way around the lawn. “It makes our life easier, every day” says Barbro Benjaminsson.
There are however some things to think about.
Regular cutting is essential as it helps the grass to grow thicker: a little and often is better than all in one go. It also decreases the amount of moss. The continuous mowing by Automower®, together with the unique cutting system, means the lawn will get frequently cut and the increased fertilising will give greener grass. This is something Swedish robotic lawn mower owner Barbro Benjaminsson, a 74-year old house owner with a big garden, has noticed.
“We’ve had our robotic mower for about three years now and haven’t fertilised our lawn in years. The lawn has a uniform surface and it’s green, and we don’t even have slugs in our garden anymore, they are completely gone.”

Summer weather can be shifting, but not even a bit of rain will stop the robotic lawn mower from fulfilling its task. Equipped with large course-treaded wheels, it provides excellent traction even if the surface is slippery, something that has proven to be very convenient when wanting to keep a well-trimmed garden even if the sun is nowhere to be seen.
“Our Automower® is constantly working, even in the rain. It works its way around our garden, even the hilly parts, and it has never been a problem. It’s fantastic, especially when you are a little bit older and lawn mowing can be a bit tricky” says Barbro.

But the best thing according to Barbro, is the relief you feel when you come home to meet a well cut lawn.
“If you have been away for a few days it’s wonderful to come home knowing that you don’t have to start mowing the first thing you do.”

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Automower 305 underneath

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Automower 305 at night

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