11 April 2012

Speed and perfect results with the new 550 XP® chainsaw

It's time to welcome the latest addition to Husqvarna's range of chainsaws. The 550 XP® is compact, and a unique mix of power and easy handling that will make limbing and felling tasks a walk in the park for everyone.
It’s aggressive, lightweight, extremely ergonomic and the acceleration is lightning fast. No, it’s not rocket science we’re talking about. Instead Husqvarna is now proudly launching the latest addition to the pro-range chainsaws – the 550 XP®. A chainsaw that’ll have lots to offer you, regardless of whether you’re a professional logger or a pro-aspiring consumer. The 550 XP® is optimized for precision cutting and boasts a compact, lightweight design that makes it exceptionally responsive in fast-moving situations. The fast and powerful saw has been designed with ergonomics in focus. And the result is a compact, balanced tool with low vibrations well-suited for optimizing the work situation. 

“The unique mix of power and easy handling makes this one of the most versatile products in the range”, says Niklas Bergquist, Global Product Manager for petrol chainsaws at Husqvarna. 

The 550 XP® is equipped with Husqvarna features that further facilitates use – AutoTune™ that optimizes the saw’s engine settings; X-Torq™ that reduces the fuel consumption and the subsequent emissions; and RevBoost™ that ensures higher chain speed and rapid engine acceleration when needed, for example while limbing.

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550 XP®

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550 XP TrioBrake®

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550 XP® G

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550 XP® G TrioBrake

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