28 March 2012

Raving reviews for the 122HD45 hedge trimmer

Five perfect scores and a 100 % approval rate. Husqvarna’s 122HD45 hedge cutter received a uniquely positive response from the panel at the American National Home Gardening Club.

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Husqvarna Hedge trimmers
The American National Home Gardening Club is one of the biggest and most prestigious gardening organizations in The United States and have over half a million members. By performing regular tests of gardening products the organization keeps its members up to date on what’s hot and what’s not and helps them to find the best products and tools available.

And now it seems The American National Home Gardening Club has struck gold. After testing Husqvarna’s hedge trimmer 122HD45 they have decided to award it with the highest score ever for an outdoor power tool. The final results are a staggering 100 % of approval and five perfect scores.
“I’m happy but not completely surprised”, says Göran Gusthalin, product manager at Husqvarna. “The advantages of this hedge trimmer will be obvious to anyone trying it, even for the first time.”
The 122HD45 scored perfect scores in the categories Ease of use; Quality; Design; Rated against similar products and Cutting Power and the users noted that the 122HD45 was “light weight and easy to start” and an “excellent cutter”.

“A good product is the sum of the features included. And here the advantages and features are easy to appreciate. The machine is easy to start thanks to the Smart Start®, has a low weight and low noise levels, combined with low vibrations, an ergonomic design and a low emission engine, making it a really good tool. When we develop commercial equipment we work close to the users and this has given us solid knowledge in how to develop ergonomic and high performance products”, says Göran Gusthalin.
Receiving the high score and the praise from The American National Home Gardening Club is of course flattering, but also something that can help promote sales.

“Yes, to get the approval directly from our consumers is of course very important, especially to spread the knowledge and the fact that the product is out there. We’ve received similar scores for other products in Europe and they’ve had a really positive impact”, says Göran Gusthalin.

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