14 June 2012

Let our accessories make the most of your Husqvarna products!

Trimmer heads, protective clothing, trailers and more. There’s a wide range of Husqvarna accessories. All developed and designed to enhance the performance of your Husqvarna product even more.
All our accessories are developed and designed to meet the same quality as the machine or tool it’s intended for. Here are some of our genuine Husqvarna accessories!

Protective clothing
Jackets, boots, helmet, glasses and gloves. Are you looking to update your garden wardrobe? Take a look at Husqvarna’s new active line of protective clothing – modern work-wear that combines protection with style, without compromising with safety or function. These are clothes designed to make you look your best when you’re working, whether you’re a forest professional or working at home in the garden. The four new series of Husqvarna’s protective clothing line consist of “Classic”, “Functional”, “Technical” and “Technical Extreme”.

Trimmer accessories
There are four cord feed systems for our trimmers: semi-automatic, automatic, manual and pre-cut. The semi-automatic facility, which we call Tap-n go, feeds the thread automatically when the head is pushed to the ground. The pre-cut trimmer solution means quick and easy loading of the line from outside.
The Balance XT Harness is a harness with many features for added comfort. Wide, padded, and body-hugging straps make the harness comfortable to wear and reduce stress on the upper body and shoulders. Suitable for heavier trimmers and brushcutters.

Rider accessories
If you’re the owner of a Husqvarna Rider, you might be interested in a battery level indicator. It shows the status of the battery and let’s you know if it needs charging. A practical quick connector for those with batteries that are difficult to access or are hidden. The eyelet terminals are fitted to the battery, giving effortless connection without the need of actually reaching the battery.
There are also a number of trailers, brooms and sweepers that will broaden the usage area of your Rider, and make it a truly versatile machine all year round.

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Trimmer heads

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Jacket - technical extreme

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Harness Balance XT

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Tap-n go trimmer head

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Battery level indicator

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