05 April 2013

Husqvarna U-Cut™: Unparalleled garden tractor manoeuvrability

When Husqvarna launched its new premium lawn tractors in 2012, there were a lot of new features. One, however, stood out: The premiere of Husqvarna’s U-Cut™ technology – an innovative steering system offering a truly tight turning radius.
Husqvarna’s patent pending U-Cut™ steering solution allows users to turn tighter than previously possible with a tractor mower, meaning more efficient mowing and fewer uncut areas. The secret lies in a special triangular plate that is linked to the front wheels, letting them turn almost 90 degrees – an achievement that enables extreme precision mowing. Forget about having to back up and reposition the machine to mow around corners, with U-Cut™ steering the lawn mower tractor follows your every command. The system instantly reduces the need for follow-up trimming and makes it a joy to handle complex and confined areas.

In Husqvarna’s 2013 tractor line-up the U-Cut™ steering solution is available in the top four models with integrated grass collection and the top three with side ejection.

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