24 September 2012

Husqvarna Battery Series - Professional products for home owners

They are quiet, free from direct emissions and lightweight. Demanding professionals and keen home gardeners will love them – and so will the neighbours. Husqvarna’s new cordless chainsaws, cordless trimmers and cordless hedge trimmer offer the quality, performance and reliability you expect from Husqvarna. But without the petrol.
Electrical power has many benefits over petrol in the garden. Instead of the noise, vibration and exhaust of an engine, you get a quiet, comfortable and fume-free experience. Battery powered outdoor products are also lighter and require less maintenance.

Of course battery operated outdoor power tools have been available for some time, but only now has the technology reached levels of power and efficiency where we at Husqvarna can put our name on them with pride.

With our new Battery Series you can enjoy up to 45 minutes of continuous operation thanks to powerful Li-Ion batteries in combination with our savE™ energy-saving mode, which optimizes runtime and lets you get the most out of every charge.

Easy battery changes and a highly efficient quick-charge system mean that professional levels of performance are always available. We make our batteries to a standard design, so they can easily be switched from cordless trimmer to cordless chainsaw to cordless hedge trimmer.

Cordless Chainsaw

At Husqvarna we built our global reputation on powerful, reliable, high-quality chainsaws for use in the toughest environments. Our new battery powered chainsaws puts those same characteristics in your hands – but with exceptionally low levels of emissions, noise and vibration.

That means you can take on any challenge in comfort and with confidence, and the push of a button is all you need to get underway. Besides being easy to start and to store, each battery operated chainsaw also demands very little maintenance, and weighs almost 1kg less than competing battery chainsaws.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer

A powerful, easy-to-use hedge trimmer can be the difference between garden work being a pleasure and being a chore. Husqvarna’s new battery powered hedge trimmer: 136 LiHD50, matches the performance of our petrol-powered products, with improved handling and ergonomics.

Several features set this battery operated hedge trimmer apart from the competition. Its weight has been carefully balanced to make work less tiring and to reduce the risk of strain injuries. The four-brush motor makes it 10% more efficient than a standard DC motor, with double the lifetime. And its 36V li-Ion battery will keep you powered up for an impressive 45 minutes at a time.

Cordless Trimmer

Trimming is all about putting the finishing touches to your lawn, and thanks to Husqvarna’s new battery powered trimmers this job just got a lot less strenuous. As trimmers are used close to your body, you will appreciate the absence of fumes, vibration, noise and heat created by petrol-driven trimmers.

Well-balanced and lightweight like Husqvarna’s other battery powered products, the cordless grass trimmers are designed and built to feel like an extension of your arms. With a cutting diameter of up to 330 mm they can handle high, thick or wet grass with ease for more than half an hour at a time. And once you’re finished, the battery operated trimmer can be quickly stowed away.
Husqvarna’s new Battery Series in full:
• 436 Li Chainsaw
• 536 LiXP Chainsaw
• T536 LiXP Top Handle Chainsaw
• 136 LiHD50 Hedge Trimmer
• 136 LiC Trimmer
• 536 LiR Trimmer
• 536 LiL Trimmer
• Husqvarna Rider Battery

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