05 April 2013

How to set up a Husqvarna robotic mower

One of the main perks of getting a Husqvarna Automower® is of course the relief it offers, the possibility to enjoy a top-quality lawn with minimum effort. It’s all about ease-of-use, which is felt instantly as even the installation process has been fine-tuned to a fault. In fact, here’s how to get started with your robotic mower.
Before unleashing your robotic mower for the first time, start by taking a look at your lawn. To minimize the risk of the machine getting stuck, or damaged, the grass has to be cleared of all rocks, twigs, tools, toys and similar obstacles. And, if the grass is longer than 10 cm you will need to cut it with a regular mower one last time.

1. Place the charging station

Begin by placing the charging station on a flat surface, free from direct sunlight (if possible) and out of reach from potential sprinklers. The station needs at least 2 meters of free space in front of it, 1.5 meters to each side, and should be put in the centre of the cutting area. Also, you need to have a wall socket nearby – within 10 meters if you’re using the supplied power cord. Note that the transformer should be placed on a vertical surface, at least 30 cm from the ground, to eliminate the risk of ending up under water. Connect the cord to the station first, and then to the wall socket.

2. Charge the battery

The station is now ready to charge robotic mower. Charging an empty battery takes 80-100 minutes. Put Husqvarna Automower® in place and move on to the next step.

3. Lay the boundary wire

The boundary wire is put along the sides of the lawn to define the cutting area, it’s also easily used to create “islands” around obstacles such as flowerbeds and bushes to avoid collisions. Simply attach it to the ground with the special nails enclosed in the package and the robotic lawn mower will know exactly where to turn.

4. Lay the guide wire

The purpose of the guide wire is to lead Husqvarna Automower® back to the charging station when needed. Connect one end to the station, then place the wire straight across the lawn so that it can always be easily found by the robotic mower. The other end is attached to the boundary wire where they intersect. Both the boundary and the guide wire are then connected to the charging station.

5. Relax

Turn on Husqvarna Automower®, enter your four-digit pin code, adjust the cutting height and set the work hours. And that’s it! The robotic mower charges until ready before it heads out – at which point you have officially mowed the lawn for the last time…

Below you will find an easy to follow installation video – along with a presentation of the entire Husqvarna Automower® series:
  • Husqvarna Automower® in Rooftop garden in New York

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