01 February 2012

Get your garden equipment ready for winter

Brrr! Winter is coming closer and it’s time to get your garden equipment ready for the cold season. Here’s how to do it.
A good way to start the work of winter preparation is to clean your garden equipment. In terms of hand-held tools like spades and rakes as well as bigger machines like lawn mowers. It’s best to remove any dirt, plant residue and dried earth with a dry brush first, then use running water.

All products related to water should to be taken indoors, since they are not frost-resistant. This includes connectors, hoses, sprayers, nozzles, hose trolleys, watering computers, timers, and pumps. Make sure the place you store the products, whehter it be the garage, shed or indoors, is frost-safe.

If you do leave some connectors outdoors during winter and they are leaking, it’s usually because the little rubber rings have become brittle by the frost. In that case, there’s no need to throw away the connectors: the rubber rings can be replaced. For sprayers and nozzles, the frost damage is often more severe and cannot be repaired.

If you have a pond in your garden, you should remove filters, fountain pumps etc.
Make sure to keep parts of the pond surface ice-free to secure enough oxygen for the fish to survive the winter season.

What about the storage of equipment?

“For your manual cutting tools, don’t leave them behind outdoors. Clean them, treat them with a bit of oil and then store them away. A garden shed will work fine since these tools can handle the frost,” says Heribert Wettels at Husqvarna.

“All other tools and machines should also be cleaned and maintained according to operation instructions.”
Finally, the autumn is the best opportunity to check your entire gardening equipment and to do any necessary repairs. This will allow you to open your garage in the spring and find your machines and tools in great shape, ready to start a new gardening season.

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