13 June 2012

Discover the new P 500 series - Husqvarna's new series of front mowers

Do you want to take professional lawn mowing one step further? In that case, Husqvarna would like to introduce its new series of front mowers, P 500. These mowers not only have a manoeuvrability precise enough to make follow-up trimming obsolete. They also come with a wide range of attachments that make them truly versatile machines for all kinds of tasks, all year round.
The P 500 series is a definite step up for garden professionals with top demands. Distinguishing features of the series are compact design, front-mounted cutting deck and unique articulated steering. The front mowers have virtually intuitive operation and a new standard for close trimming. Perfect for narrow spaces that would normally force you to go back and forth to avoid obstructions. You’re able to mow in complex and tight spaces, around trees and bushes, under benches and against fences.
Today about 20 to 30 per cent of all general cutting costs are tied to trimming, hillside cutting, walk behind mowing or smaller ride-on trimming. Hence, upgrading to a more agile professional machine can quickly finance itself.
“Time spent on trimming with handheld machinery or walk-behind mowers will drop noticeably,” says Kalle Lind, global product manager at Husqvarna.
The P 500 series has also a wide range of attachments such as brooms, blades, cabins and snow throwers, which make the front mowers usable for a number of tasks, all year round.

This is the P 500 series:
• Three all-new models: P 524, P 520D and the P 525D (replacing the PF 21
AWD and the PT 26D).

• A broad commercial range: diesel power with cabin option or the step-in petrol model with extra maneuverability.

• Equipped with Husqvarna’s unique articulated steering – minimizing all follow-up trimming.

• An extremely stable and high traction operator experience thanks to a low point of gravity, all-wheel drive and the patent-pending “dog-bone” steering.

• A wide variety of attachments are available: Operator cabin, snow plough, heavy-duty broom, flail mower – and more.

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P 525D with cabin and broom

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P 520D alongside flowerbed

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P 520D with snowblade

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