03 July 2014

Charged for perfection and durability

For more than 50 years Husqvarna has been developing high-performance tools designed to help professional forest workers and landscapers as well as landowners and garden enthusiasts to meet their daily challenges. Now a new chapter has been added to our long history of innovations – the Husqvarna Battery Series.
No matter whether you are a demanding professional or a devoted gardener, Husqvarna’s new series of battery-driven products will charge you with all the power and performance you need to get the job done properly. The machines combine all the benefits of battery-powered tools with Husqvarna’s tradition of quality, ergonomics and performance. The battery-powered range includes highly efficient trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws and a full-size Rider.

Petrol performance on battery power

The new machines are driven by a uniquely powerful 36V Li-Ion battery pack that provides power and performance equal to our petrol machines – but without the characteristic sound and direct emissions we normally associate with these tools. The battery pack is designed to fit all our handheld machines. This means it is easy to switch the battery between your trimmer, chainsaw and hedge trimmer and keep on working. With two batteries, you can work non-stop since charging time is shorter than the usual working time.

Professional power supply – in a backpack

To boost efficiency still further, Husqvarna offers a backpack battery that provides long-lasting power and allows you to work with fewer breaks for battery changes. The backpack is comfortable to wear even through long shifts and it is adjustable to fit users of any size. The battery adapter fits all Husqvarna handheld battery products.

New motor with exceptional performance

By combining a powerful battery with an equally efficient brushless motor we have made sure the new machines give you the power needed – even when the workload is tough. The new motors, developed by Husqvarna, offer a superb combination of weight, durability and power – with torque that is higher than in many petrol engines.

Control at the tip of a finger

Safety and easy handling are key elements when we design our machines. That is the reason the new battery series is equipped with an intuitive keypad featuring push buttons for easy and swift start and stop as well as for activating maximum runtime mode.

Welcome to the future

Husqvarna’s Battery Series is a big step forward in the development of battery-driven tools suitable for professionals with a need for highly efficient machines that are silent, emission-free, lightweight and ergonomic while at the same time providing the quality and performance of traditional petrol machines.
  • Pro Battery Series video

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