26 February 2013

Can a robotic mower increase the value of your property? Jonathan Irwin knows.

In “The Rooftop Gardens of New York” English television host Jonathan Irwin takes us around the Big Apple in search for the one thing that everyone in the city seems to long for – green space. We caught up with Jonathan for a few follow-up questions about roof gardens, urban gardening and his views on the robotic mower.

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Although 38-year-old Jonathan “Jonnie” Irwin has been working in television for more than eight years he isn’t your average show host. After getting his degree in estate management he started working as a surveyor and has since valued, acquired and sold all types of property. In 2000 he became one of the hosts of “A place in the sun”, a lifestyle programme about buying property abroad, which became the start of a very successful new career. Now, Jonathan Irwin is a household name in the UK, currently working with three of Britain’s biggest channels.

Hello Jonathan! 

When and where was the movie recorded? 

“It was shot in mid August last year in a boiling hot New York, and the places we visited were fantastic. One of the buildings looked exactly like the house in the sit-com ‘Friends’, but with a big breath-taking rooftop garden, overlooking all of Manhattan.”

Why do people value, and put so much work into, their rooftop gardens?

“It’s a nature thing. We all need a bit of green in our lives, especially people living in urban jungles. The feeling of real grass under your feet, or being able to grow your own vegetables and herbs – that’s hard to beat. It’s also a way of expressing individualism in a myriad of people, bringing a slice of the countryside to the city. Imagine what the New York skyline would look like if every rooftop had gardens like the ones in the movie…”

With all of your property expertise, what role does a garden play when it comes to determining the price of a house?

“Gardens have never been more important than today, often times they actually make or break the deal. Now it’s actually becoming a trend to downsize buildings in order to create bigger gardens. Many people focus too much on the interiors as they prepare to sell, and forget that it's often the garden that many buyers fall in love with. To help sell a house the garden needs to look great without giving that high maintenance feeling, which certainly makes one think of Husqvarna Automower®…”

Speaking of that, how would you say that Husqvarna Automower® can increase property value?

“It helps in two ways really. Firstly, by its high-quality results: The grass is given a luxurious carpet like finish, at an ideal length. Impossible to match through manual mowing, unless you actually go out and cut the lawn every single day. And secondly, by showing potential buyers that ‘this lawn takes care of itself’ – which is a huge selling point for people that solely like to use their backyard to unwind and relax.”
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