01 February 2012

Automower marketing campaign awarded

Husqvarna wins prestigious Swedish advertising price with the Evolution campaign for Automower.
100-watt is a major Swedish contest that awards advertising that works. Husqvarna’s Evolution campaign for Automower, produced in cooperation with the agency Ehrenstråhle BBDO, wins this year's 100-watt award in the category of International Advertising.

“This is a really great recognition for the work we have done during the year. Our challenge has been to drive the awareness of the product and the brand and furthermore connect robotic lawn mowing with Husqvarna. The campaign has been an important support in this work”, says Torsten Bollweg, Vice President Brands & Marketing at Husqvarna.

The campaign was launched at the beginning of 2011. Based on insights from interviews with potential customers on our European markets, the campaign has contributed a great deal to the Automower sales, which is the key factor to why the campaign won the contest. In Sweden, sales almost doubled during 2011 and the increase has also been substantial after the campaign was launched in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany.

The jury’s conclusion:

"The winner of the 2011 100-watt award is a company that, through a methodical analysis, works at the grassroots level and has identified basic consumer insights and psychological barriers to the purchase of the product. Based on these insights, it has developed a pure, clean and clear communication that effectively highlights the product's usability. The campaign resulted in, after many years of flat sales, almost doubled sales on several key European markets. A clear example of how simple and insightful communication can give great power!"

The Swedish Advertisers and the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies organise the contest.

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