03 July 2014

A journey of innovations

At Husqvarna Group, we’ve been going beyond the expected and creating ground-breaking engineering since we began, way back in 1689. It is an on-going journey of fresh thinking that has consistently been generating innovations and pushing boundaries to set new standards in technology and usability.
To stimulate innovativeness at Husqvarna Group, the company has instituted a yearly award – The Innovation Excellence Award – in recognition of innovative and successful product development by our employees. The 2014 Innovation Excellence Award was given to the team behind Husqvarna’s new Handheld Battery Range.

Husqvarna’s new Battery Series was introduced to the market in 2013 and has already put Husqvarna at the forefront in the development of cordless electric handheld power tools with performance suitable for professional craftsmen as well as demanding homeowners.

Petrol performance – without the petrol

The battery series offers powerful, lightweight and ergonomic performance that is both silent and emission-free. The range also allows its users to work with both the integrated battery in the product and backpack batteries, depending on their current needs.

International teamwork

The Husqvarna Battery Series has been developed in close collaboration between teams in Sweden and Germany. The result is a battery range with new and more powerful batteries and flexible battery placement, as well as new features like two-way rotation and eco mode.

Strong tradition in innovation

The Innovation Excellence Award is part of Husqvarna Group’s Excellence Award programme that was instituted to make sure we remain at the forefront by constantly improving our products, processes and people.

“The Husqvarna PPP Handheld Battery project team has in an innovative and systematic way developed unique solutions and industrial design for professional performance. The product range has been well received by the market and shows that our strong tradition in innovation is very much alive and kicking,” says Kai Wärn, Husqvarna Group’s CEO and President.

The Excellence Award programme also includes the Continuous Improvement Excellence Award and the Business Excellence Award.

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