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Husqvarna Fleet Services – Connects your tools with your team

Husqvarna Fleet Services a cloud-based service that connects your machine-fleet with your entire team. It collects information about the operation, workday log, status, handling, vibration, and maintenance needs, for a whole new level of crew involvement.

Machine sensors collect data
Wireless sensors on your machines send out information to the Fleet Services.

Easy-to-use app
The upcoming app lets you access Fleet Services regardless of where you are.

For the entire landscaping range
The machine sensor works for all the Husqvarna Commercial Lawn and Garden products.

Takes you from guessing to knowing

Fleet Services is a cloud-based service that collects information about your operation, so that you can stay ahead and plan your business more efficiently. Via the sensors information is collected about the operation and how your operation is running. Fleet Services gives you insights so that you can make the best possible choices for your business and your team. You can access this information on your computer, and by the end of this year we will launch a mobile app so that you can connect to Fleet Services everywhere.

Workday log

The workday log gives you quick information about how productive your company is, and how machines are being used. It makes it easy for you to optimise your business and your fleet, as well as overview efficiency.

An intelligent maintenance system

The interactive maintenance system keeps track of all machines and alerts both you when maintenance is due. The different machine families have different programs to give you longer machine life and the best possible up-time.

Vibration reports

We always work to reduce vibrations in our products. Now, with Fleet Services Vibration reports, you can follow how much vibration each operator has been subjected to, and compare it to EU standards. This makes your health and safety work easier.

Get the most out of your machines

Each machine has an optimal way of being used. The Machine handling information in Fleet Services means that operators can understand how to better handle their tools. It leads to increased efficiency, and positive effects on both your wallet and the environment. Fleet Services also lets you access our library of operator manuals, workshop manuals, parts lists, handling movies, and tutorials.

Better business

Some of the functions of the Fleet Services means better communication, helping the entire team develop the business. The Business Lead bank lets landscaping teams submit business leads from the field. And the green care objects function allows managers to create information around each park or green care object, including tasks, dates, location, and frequency. This information is sent to the team via the smartphone app.

Husqvarna Fleet Services is an ongoing beta version. For more information, please contact

Husqvarna Fleet Services Sensor

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