Users worldwide are constantly putting our machines to the test.

What better way to get a true understand of what our users really think than by talking to the people who put our power products through their paces everyday. These are the people who demand top performance and from what we hear from them, we are delivering just that.


Willi Droste, Head Greenkeeper Borussia Dortmund.

Borussia Dortmund is one of the most successful clubs in German football. In addition to six German football championships and two German Cup victories, Dormund won the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1966 and the UEFA Champions League in 1997. Willi Droste, head greenkeeper together with his 10 employees is responsible for all the club’s green spaces including 6 training fields, other green areas and parking spaces.

“Husqvarna's consistent reliability and commitment to their products makes them the ideal partner for my business.”


Henk Booiman, Owner of Booiman tuinen BV.

Booiman Tuinen is a modern, medium sized landscaping company. Enthusiastic staff and an inspiring leadership has put them right at the forefront of their industry. They specialise in garden construction, garden maintenance, tree care, landscaping and turf care. With 18 years behind them, and 21 employees, they’re a successful growing company.

“Apart from superb products Husqvarna offer me the best support.”


Nicolai Ussing, Manager, Landscaping and Garden Care, HSB Södertörn.

HSB is Sweden’s largest organization for housing co-operatives, incorporating some 3900 co-ops around the country.

“They listen to us – we simply have a good dialogue.”