12 April 2013

Tell Us Your Story - Competition Winners

Last September we asked you to tell your story on why you could be considered a Husqvarna ambassador. With many brilliant tales of arborism and landscaping from around the globe coming in we narrowed the competition down to three deserved winners. In 1st place was Thomas Wilson of South Humberside receiving a brand new Husqvarna 560xp chainsaw. 2nd was Nick Rose from Woking winning technical clothing and 3rd place went to Phillip Walker of Derbyshire receiving some Husqvarna classical clothing. All three of the winners will also now become Husqvarna ambassadors with their stories used in local sales campaigns across the world.

Winning Story

1st Place Winner - Thomas Wilson
The winning story was of Thomas Wilson’s time working on the Swedish nationwide rail clearance project. Side by side with his Husqvarna 346xp he describes how the power to weight ratio was perfect as his travels were often long carrying the saw. “I came to Sweden being very much a fan of Stihl saws. Then I was handed the 346xp, and my views began to change.” Thomas’ story is a one we felt fitted what this competition was about. Husqvarna chainsaws provide the best possible help in real situations. Thomas’ was a real story and his 346xp proved a companion throughout. “The 346xp was just such a saw. Some other Brits who came over would laugh at me and the Swedish tree fellers with our ‘tiny saws’ but after a day of swinging around a big saw and then having to carry it and all their kit back out of the forest and seeing how much work we could get through with the 346’s, their looks soon turned to envy.”

2nd and 3rd Place winning Stories

2nd Place Winner - Nick Rose with Varna the Siberian husky

Second and third place also proved worthy contenders with 2nd place Nick Rose explaining that Husqvarna has been with him his whole career. “Whatever saw I need it will always be a husky!”. Phillip being a lifelong Husqvarna enthusiast even shared how the brand has special place in his heart in the form of his Husky dog. “Looking back over the last 22 years I’ve purchased 43 chainsaws all Husqvarna and one very special four legged one called Varna my Siberian husky”. 

Derbyshire’s Phillip Walker told us how his 350 has won him competitions for years. “My results in competitions prove that Husqvarna are the saws for me.”

The ‘Tell Us Your Story’ competition proved a success with Husqvarna users around the world. We hope the three winners enjoy their prizes and put them to good use.

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